Holiday Party Outfit – II

Holiday Party Outfit – II

Since the weather has not gotten incredibly cold in my city (yesterday was 71 degrees) I decided to pull out my palazzo style tropical pants for one more remix. 

I’m also tr

ying to get some good usage out of my serious go-to black peplum top.  Peplum tops are just a magical thing for short waisted women.  This is my saturday House Music party  outfit.  Of course I’ll pair this with a light weight leather jacket for when it get cooler later on in the evening.  I found these cute Adriana’s fringe sandals on clearance at a Junior store for $10. I’m not into every single trend, but the one’s I do like, I may not want to spend a lot of money on, so it’s nice to have affordable options.  

I do like these shoes because of the faux suede in the toe area, it helps me to keep my feet in the shoes, I also have sandal insole in them as well, however, when it time to start really dancing I will be changing into my flat comfortable shoes, am not crazy, LOL!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

 Peplum Top – Forever21

 Tropical leaf Print Pants – BCF

 Fringe Heels – Adriana

 Studded Clutch – forever21 via ClothesMentor

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