Floral One Shoulder Top

Floral One Shoulder Top

On my way to a lovely Sunday dinner.  My, my, my what to wear?  Then I remember this great one shoulder blouse I got at Value Village and my shocking blue ponte knit pencil skirt I got at the Limited a few years back.  Aww yes, this could work.  I think it turned out okay for

a last minute pull together. Oh before I forget, I got the faux suede booties at Charlotte Russe on sale. They are super, super comfortable! I added a pair of Dr. Scholls insoles to make them more wearable throughout the day.  I like this brand because they usually keep the heel height under 4.5 inches, I added tassels to the end of the shoe laces just to give them more a polished, edgy look.
I’ve noticed lately if I have a pair of shoes that are not exactly comfortable, I tend to wear them a lot less now because my feet just can’t take the abuse anymore. I’m getting older so comfort is important. I’ll

get more into that in my next post.

Rocking some Adriana peep toe fringe booties that are super comfortable!  Enjoy your evening folks! 

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