Cheap vs Cheaper – I chose the Cheaper!

Cheap vs Cheaper – I chose the Cheaper!

Okay, if you waited for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to purchase some shoes you were just salivating over for weeks, you made a smart move. Actually the shoes I have been dying to get is these cobalt blue triple fringe heels by Steve Madden. Macy’s had the Steve Madden ‘Fringly’ on sale for $45 yesterday for cyber Monday and Kohl’s had their version for $29 with free shipping.

I thought long and hard and since my feet are semi-narrow I felt like the real suede would end up being a problem down the road. At some point the shoes would get stretched out from taking them off and on and the pressure from walking….so eventually they would fit too loose for my narrow feet. However, the faux suede would pretty much keep it shape. Both shoes have the same heel height and the version by Candies looks pretty darn good (I have seen other copies that were not as well constructed). Though I prefer the look of real suede I don’t like the fact that it would easily stain and stretch.  The Kohl’s version had my dollars for durability, the non-stretch factor, low maintenance non-staining material and even better price; though (price was not the deciding factor as I thought $45 was a deal) it was all the other reasons.

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    I’m a 50 year old hard working mom (now empty nester) that loves fashion, but my purse strings ain’t so flexible! My 24 year old son is college graduate and living his own life, so I got some time on my hands *wink* Now that you got the 5 second rundown; pull up a chair, get that Latte and browse around.

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