I’m outfit blogger (just hit 50 this year) and a single parent / emptynester (my son is 24) with limited funds . As an outfit blogger (not a personal style or lifestyle blogger) and frugal shopper, I try to spend $40 and under for individual items. I’m try to be very frugal about my shopping and always shop clearance, seasonal or an add’l 50% off. I pay cash/debit for all of my clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories.
I seriously do not subscribe to the philosophy of running up credit card debt for things as frivolous as “fashion”. I like fashion and enjoy shopping just like the next person, but I’m not about to work my way into the poor house for overpriced shoes and handbags — I consider that kind of debt “bad debt”. I’m your everyday hard working woman. I have bills to pay just like the next person. 🙂

heart_bullet.gif I have a very difficult body type so I stick with solid colors for the most part with clean, simple, classic cuts. I love belted blazers and tops. I love, love, love pencil skirts (they make up a great deal of my wardrobe) dresses are a wonderful passion for me, trench jackets, and sky high stilettos (I’m short), particularly platforms and ankle-straps. I’m completely in love with the clothing from the 40’s and 50’s. I love the whole aesthetic from that time period and I try to incorporate different inspired pieces from that era, without looking costume-y or like I’m in some kind of time capsule.heart_bullet.gif I love Target target.gif. I also shop at H&M, Macy’s, Belk, JCPenney, Forever 21 and anyplace I can catch a deal or a sale.
heart_bullet.gif It’s not about labels. I’m not interested in being a bottom feeder who contributes to the excesses of a designer’s lifestyle. In my opinion, it’s clearly not about who’s name is on the label tag inside your clothes but more about how well an item of clothing compliments your body and how it makes YOU feel when you’re wearing it (I could care less who’s name is on the tag inside). A good understanding of what works well for your body type along with confidence and attitude plays a huge role in how well you can pull something off and you don’t need a label to do that! Besides, there are always very good inspired versions of any designer item from store like NY&Co, Loft, Macy’s, etc. Looking fabulous for less is the smartest game to play!
heart_bullet.gif For the most part (in terms of my wardrobe) I don’t deviate too far from the above formula, I stick with what works for me. I do trends only if I like them and if it’s flattering on me, other than that I bypass them completely. I believe in buying leather shoes – sorry PETA but my feet can’t take poorly constructed man-made shoes. I might go out on a limp with a pair of PVC shoes if the fabrication looks good to me, the pvc is well constructed and they don’t hurt my feet, but I don’t make it a habit! (I’m frugal on other items like accessories, but not really on shoes). My shoe staple was Nine West but I’ve been cheating on them with Aldo Shoes. I also like BCBGirls, Guess, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, Marc Fisher, Dolce Vita and a few others (might slurge on Stuart Weitzman or Via Spiga).
heart_bullet.gif I spend the least amount on handbags and jewelry. I believe no handbag is worth over $300 dollars. Yes, there are handbag manufacturers like Coach that will repair or replace your bag for life. I believe in those circumstances it’s worth it to pay over $300 but not much over. However, I don’t like carrying the same bag all the time. I change bags with my outfits, so therefore each bag to me is like a scarf or a piece of jewelry, it requires a different bag for a different look. I had to priorities where to spend the most money (handbags OR shoes, can’t do both on my salary) I picked shoes. I really would not think twice about spending $150 to $200 on a good pair of leather boots but I would on a handbag. Every woman values things differently, I prefer a good shoe over a nicer handbags.

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I’m a 50 year old hard working mom (now empty nester) that loves fashion, but my purse strings ain’t so flexible! My 24 year old son is college graduate and living his own life, so I got some time on my hands *wink* Now that you got the 5 second rundown; pull up a chair, get that Latte and browse around.

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